Most houses tend to have problems with reduced space, but even so, we fill it by storing things and all kinds of objects, that is why we leave you these storage trends that will be good to organize your house a little:

1. Organize vertically

Take advantage of the walls by incorporating some type of vertical storage. Choose to place full-height cabinets in your bedroom and use the final part to store clothes from another season, blankets, suitcases, and those things that you hardly use anymore, you can also use them in the kitchen to store large utensils that you do not use either. often. We only recommend that for your safety do not place very heavy items in the upper cabinets, as they can fall and cause accidents.

2. Storage under your bed

Some beds are designed with built-in storage, these serve as cabinets, there are other models such as hydraulic beds, drawers, and storage boxes.

3. Add shelves

We return to the idea of making the most of the walls that are empty with floating shelves. In them, you can organize accessories, books, and toys. Another way is adding shelves that are adjustable to increase the capacity of the cabinets you already have.

4. Use cabinets to divide

It divides the open-plan space sections with a full-height and a half-height closet, so instead of building a wall, it is a more efficient and cheaper way to create private spaces in your home that provides you with extra storage.

5. Built-in storage

The furniture built into the empty walls and complemented with floating shelves is a way to create more space in the home. Also with them, you create storage areas within the steps of bunk beds, of seats next to windows, under stairs, or at the head of your bed.

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